Automations triggering mode switch only in certain modes doesn't work in new ST app

One of my old automations that didn’t migrate successfully Activated my “Evening” scene automatically at 90 minutes before Sunset (why 60 minutes is now the maximum is frustrating), but did NOT run if I was in an Away or Vacation mode (advanced options under additional settings in the old app). I’m trying to recreate this in the new app, but as soon as I pick the location modes in which this should work (like my Home or Sleep mode) I’m not able to select any scenes, they all show as not available. Why? This completely breaks any sort of “vacation” mode because without restricting it it runs every day at 60 minutes before Sunset, which if I’ve put things in a vacation mode…I don’t want.

I think I can rebuild this in WebCORE but unless there’s a workaround I can’t find in the app, this is a loss of core functionality in how I use SmartThings.

remove the mode change from the scene, setup your automation, and then add the mode change back to the scene. For some reason the automation creator doesn’t allow you to use scenes that have one of their actions as a condition.

Your suggestion of removing the mode change doesn’t work in my instance because that’s literally all the scene does. But rethinking it and having the automation change the location mode works:

IF 60 min before sunset; Location mode is "Home, Morning, Off, Sleep"

THEN change location's mode to "Evening"

works, but looks like I can’t do

IF 60 min before sunset; Location mode is "Home, Morning, Off, Sleep"

THEN Run scene "Evening"

if the only thing that scene does is change the location mode. Guess it only matters if you’re trying to not break other automations that migrated over and thankfully I dodged a bullet there. I have other things that listen for the mode changing to Evening, HOW I get there isn’t important, as long as I get there. Thanks for making me think about it differently!

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ah, yeah. If that’s the only action then there’s really no need for a scene. Just add directly to the automation as you did.

I’m pretty sure there was a reason, years ago :rofl: