Sunrise/sunset setting now only has max 60 minutes, used to let you choose HOURS

i used to be able to schedule lights to turn on/off HOURS before or after sunset. now i see this option is no longer available… you can only choose MINUTES before or after sunrise/sunset.

PLEASE BRING BACK THE OPTION FOR HOURS. only being able to do it 60 minutes max time isn’t acceptable! this new app really is missing a LOT!

The Smart Lighting SmartApp still allows you to set it to more than 60 minutes, but to enter negative values, you have to copy a - sign first to the clipboard to be able to enter it.

@Brad_ST, the OPs comment is fair, that this limitation is there.
My comment above with the missing - sign from the keypad is must be a joke. (I believe this issue was reported more than a half year ago, at least.)

Just a screenshot for reference…

Can you poke those internal bug reports a bit for us?

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ALSO, once you migrate to the new app, you can’t edit Automations that were imported – you get a communication error, and it wont let you change them! only way to get them to change is by deleting them and adding it back as a new automation.


I filed a bug report about this and it’s being investigated.


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hey brad, any routines that had sunset/sunrise set to over 1 hour wouldn’t import to the new app as well. this seems to be a bug … as there is no option to select “hours” for sunrise/sunset, only up to 60 minutes. i had lights set to turn on 2 hours before sunset and can no longer choose this. can you please submit a bug report about this as well?

also why won’t momentary button tiles work in the new app? some lights i had that only support them now won’t work. says cannot connect to device for them now.



I understand you had numerous Routines with offsets greater than 60 minutes. The new app only supports offsets up to 60 minutes by design. I passed along your feedback and frustration but don’t have any insight into that decision.

I assume you’re referring to this device: momentary-button-tile.groovy. If so, the metadata needs to be updated.

This might serve your needs:

Is this a UI design flaw? Is this an implementation flaw? Is this a backend design flaw? Curious software engineers want to know.

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