Unable to edit devices in IDE - Access Denied Error

Hello everyone,

I was trying to edit (name, label) few of my devices using the IDE. I am able to fill in device details, however after clicking Update button, I am getting an error - “Access Denied! We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation.”.

Earlier I never faced this issue while editing any device. It started yesterday, are you guys also facing the similar issue? Any clue to resolve this is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Check the St status page :slight_smile:

Also, try using an incognito/private tab in your browser when accessing IDE

Thanks, I already tried incognito workaround, however it didn’t work.

Access Denied in the IDE can be triggered by having the webCoRE dashboard open in the same browser. Is that a possibility?

This is not the case here, I also used incognito tab, but it didn’t help as well.

I get this all the time and it’s damn annoying. Only way I have found to solve it without clearing browser data completely is to use incognito mode or a different browser. Seems to be an issue if you use webcore using the same browser.

I am getting this error again. I just moved all my stuff over to the new AEOTEC V3 hub and was having a great time adding/editing/deleting devices thru the IDE in my PC browser. Now 2 weeks later I sign back in to add/update a device I missed. I added it on phone but now cannot edit any devices in my PC browser. Using Incognito does not work and I do not remember what my previous workaround was. I thought it was related to being signed into webCoRE also but I logged out.

Help please.

Use https://account.smartthings.com to access IDE

Open a support ticket with ST support and attach a screenshot of the error you are receiving.