Smartthings Android App - Cannot delete an action once assigned

I have a device (Xiaomi Aqara Wireless x2 button) and I wanted to assign each button individually via the app … so I assigned the button to one of my devices but couldn’t see any action for button 2, so then thought I would do the action via a Piston instead … but then I tried to remove the action from the button but the ‘Save’ button on the app; after you press the ‘-’ (minus button), is greyed out so you can remove the action button cannot save the state. In the end I had to re-assign the button to a new dumb virtual switch :frowning:
Is this a bug or am I removing the action incorrectly?

I have the issue… Any luck?

I see the problem. I’d call that a bug, but you can work around the problem.

If you go to your ‘Automations’ page and scroll to the bottom you will find a section called something like ‘Quick Controls’ and the action will be there as an automation. You can delete it from there.

Thanks that worked.