Unable to delete Weather Device

From IDE I added a weather station tile handler and then a device based on it. The device did not have my location so I wanted to delete it. Unfortunately the device is now stuck despite there being nothing listed in the “In use by” section. I get the error “SmartWeather Tile could not be deleted”. I’ve removed the device handler code, removed apps from my iPhone, factory reset the hub and this stuck device will not delete. I’ve contacted Samsung support and three different techs responded, each sounding like a bot not understanding the problem. The latest response was “Due to the nature of the Smart Device Handler, this is not supported under the SmartThings platform”. So I guess the delete button is just for show???

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Update: Created new Samsung account, factory reset the hub and claimed the hub under the new account did the trick. It shouldn’t have been this difficult but Samsung support had no clue. I may be wrong but it appears the stuck tile was somehow stuck in my account not in the hub or phone apps.