Can't delete iPhone as a Presence Sensor

Is SmartThings a joke? I’m new to this but get false device health indicators, phone no longer works as a presence sensor and now I can’t delete the device. When I attempt this I get Mobile Presence could not be deleted. In addition I have a device handler for this device which I can’t remove either. In this case I get DeviceType still in use by devices.

Note that I’m an Electrical Engineer and have a solid understanding of how this works as well as the code behind it. Only had the system for a month but it all seems like it’s prototype rather then a released and validated product. I really want to like this and invest in more hardware, but can’t bring myself to do so.

Are you trying under My home, Things, then your phone? Also have you deleted any routines that had the phone as a sensor?


Removed every App I have and still no luck. Even tried it from the mobile app and get a “An unexpected error occurred”. I don’t mind any of this, but there is no way SmartThings is ready for prime time. I see posts from people that are three years old with similar issues. The nonsense I’ve been experiencing should have been put to bed a long time ago.

Would love to see sales data for this product, can’t imagine it’s not in decline.


While indeed not yet robust/simple/easy enough for most of the general populace, most of us users suffer only the occasional disruption or unexplained issue with the platform.

And yes, sometimes Things get hosed up to a state where you have to get assistance from technical support.

Try this: go to the Device page in your mobile app, and tap the “SmartApps” tab at the top. It should list all the SmartApps and Routines that your Presence Sensor is used in. You can select each app/routine from there and either remove them, or deselect the Presence Sensor from the app/routine (if you have multiple - most will require at least one presence sensor).

If there are no SmartApps listed in your Presence Sensor device page, and you still can’t delete it (from the Gear icon top right of the page), then send an email to SmartThings with your SmartThings/Samsung user account and the device name, asking them to delete the device for you.

Was finally able to delete the phone. Went into the properties and just randomly started editing the various options. Suddenly I was able to delete the phone with no problems. Note that while my phone was in an abnormal state I was also not able to delete or reset the hub, trust me I tried. Once the phone was deleted I was able to reset everything and started from scratch.