Unable to Delete Old Scenes

I keep trying to delete 2 scenes (in the red box below) that were migrated from the old smartthings app. Every time it says successfully removed from scenes, but they are still there. Please help…

Where are you attempting to delete them… from IDE in the image you posted or from the ST app?

You can also contact ST support and see if they can remove them.

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I’ve been trying from IDE since they are not showing in the Smartthings app.

You will definitely need ST support to assist you.

@tiffanybyrnes You should be all set.

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Whatever you did worked. Thank you so much!

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Can anyone help me to delete these 3 scenes? I’m trying to delete them from the IDE and even though it doesn’t error out or anything, still they remain…

Did you try to delete them with the mobile app or the IDE? I would try the mobile app if you have not already tried.

I don’t see them on my mobile app at all. The only place I see them is in the IDE - and as Home Assistant entities.

I just looked at mine in the IDE and there is a delete button at the end of each line on the right hand side.

Next step is probably customer service.

I know. I tried those already. They don’t delete them. I was hoping that the guy who helped the original poster might see this and work his magic.

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Unfortunately, Brad no longer works at SmartThings so he can’t assist.

Ahh. That stinks. Guess I’ll have to call.