Error deleting Scenes

The new ST app (Android 8.1) was updated and I can no longer edit/delete my Scenes. I receive the following error…

“Can’t edit Scene. To edit this scene, SmartThings needs to be updated.”

I have tried re-installing this app, installing/uninstalling Classic app. Any suggestions?


If you see this in the Classic app, it means you created the scene in the new app and should use that to edit the scenes.

These scenes were created with the New app (previous version). I receive this error now after the New app was updated. As you say, I cannot update these scenes in the Classic app. What I’m saying here is that I can no longer edit/delete these scenes with either of the ST apps. Is there anywhere else I can update ST scenes from?

Which version of the new app are you using? 1.7.27-25?

Yes, 1.7.27-25

Do you have a support ticket # or screenshot of the error from the new app?

Here’s a screenshot…thanks for your input, BTW.

Thank you for that.

Can you try again? I flagged the issue and an engineer made a change which should have resolved it.

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That did it…thanks.

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I have the same issue but only on one scene.

Fixed. Force quit and reopen the app and try again.

A platform-wide update went out this afternoon.

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If anyone is still seeing this after restarting your app please email with your Username, names of affected scenes, Android or iOS, and version of mobile app.

Any update on this? I’m still having trouble after a force quit and restart.