Unable to create automations using sunrise and sunset

I have problems creating automations triggered at sunrise or sunset.
The app asks me to add my location, but when I do nothing happens.

Any ideas about what could be the cause of this?


Maybe if you try it in the “Manage Location” area first? In the Home Screen, tap the 3 vertical dots and tap Manage Location and set it up there?

Thank you, but it does not help. It seems that setting location does not work at all.
I can not create a new location either. 20201012_223604

I have a vague memory of having trouble choosing location during initial setup too.

On the dashboard, click on the the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select Manage location. Then click on geolocation.

Also, does your mobile device have permissions for the ST app to access location?

I have tried setting location that way. Did not work.
The app have location access at all times.

You may want to try uninstalling the ST app, reboot your device and then perform a fresh install. Note: when logging out or reinstalling the app, your dashboard will revert from any current room/device sorting you may have performed.

Also, report the issue to ST support

Thank you all.
I have now managed to sort this out.
I had to temporarily switch my phone to English (United States) to be able to save a location.
Luckily the location setting seems to stick after returning to my normal language settings.

I will remember to try this in the future if I find strange limitations.
I wonder if this is a bug due to insufficient testing or an artificial limitation due to some weird marketing department logic. You never know when it comes to companys like Samsung.