Lighting Automation for Sunrise and Sunset Errors Out

Hello. I am currently having an issue setting up a lighting automation in the SmartThings App (newer version). I can set up any lighting automation just fine using SmartApp, but the moment I try to include “sunrise” or “sunset” into the automation, I get an error saying “Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” I can set up any sort of complicated automation and it works, but when i try to activate say “starting at sunset and ending at sunrise”, I get this error. I saw that someone said I need to enable my location in the settings which I have done by going to settings - use location information - and setting it to (ON). Is there anything else I could be doing to get this automation to work? Thank you.

You need to set your geolocation. The location you saw in settings is the presence sensor.

You edit your Home location and from there you can set your geolocation.

I actually gave up using the SmartThings App for geolocation because it would randomly turn itself off. Has this been fixed or has anyone else had this problem?

I ended up just setting geolocation to off on the SmartThings App and use the Classic “Goodbye” and “I’m Back” routines which then changes the SmartThings App modes automatically allowing for Sunset and Sunrise settings to run correctly.

Ha Ha… you mean you turned off Use Location Information (presence sensor) which is not the same as geolocation. Geolocation is a setting of the location of the hub. Location Information is the presence sensor on your mobile device.

My bad… You are correct.

Home Location
Location Informtion


Location Overload :slight_smile: