Unable to control Samsung 55QN90A via Google Assistant

Just purchased and installed this TV. This issue is that Google Assistant is not able to control the TV; constantly replying “TV not available”. I called Samsung Support and worked through trouble-shooting with the technician, but no luck.

  • I have enabled Voice on TV and set it to Google Assistant
  • I have both SmartThings and Google Home apps on my Android 12 phone
  • Google Home app sees the TV but indicates status “Offline”
  • SmartThings detects the “Master Bedroom TV” is available and offers to connect, this results in “Server Error. A network or server error has occurred. Try again later.” message on phone
  • Does not matter if TV is connected to my network via wire or wireless
  • TV is confirmed on network, can access internet, reports it has an IP address within my network range

I did an IP scan on my network and the Samsung TV is there with an assigned IP:

How do I correct this? Thanks.

I got this to work and it was not intuitive at all. Stumbled upon the “room setup” procedure in SmartThings app and saw my TV there, but unresponsive. Cleared data and cache in the app and went through app setup again. This time it found and connected to my TV and Google Assistant now works.