Controlling Samsung Series 7 TV with Google Home Mini

My father-in-law has a Samsung Series 7 TV that he is trying to control with his new Google Home Mini. I have the TV connected to his Samsung account and Smartthings and I linked his Smarthings to his Google Home. I’m able to see his TV and put it in a room in Google Home and control it for 5 minutes and then the TV stops responding to Google Home and it shows offline in the Smartthings app even thought the TV is still powered on and connected to the network using a wireless connection. No matter how many times I remove and re add the device to Smartthings and Google the results are the same. I also have IP remote enabled on the TV. Are there any other settings on the TV that I need to have enabled? I’m also not sure when the last time the TV had an update so should I try that as well? Looking for any number of solutions for when I go to his house later this week so anything would be helpful. Also, not sure if it matters, but I do not have a Smartthings hub. Thank you!

Hey there! @Rhysknight Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have the model code for the Series 7 TV that the symptoms occur on? Have you tried ensuring that the devices are synced by the “Ok Google, Sync Devices” command?

Have you already tried factory resetting the TV and then re-adding and relinking to Smart Things and Google Home?

Certain Samsung devices/appliances may not work with the Google integration and product features vary by model.

Additionally, there is a topic similar to the symptoms you are experiencing that may include additional steps for you to try: Samsung TV showing offline in ST when TV powered off - Google Home

I hope this message finds you well!