Unable to connect to samsung Frame and VL550

So, I tried to help my neighbour… He bought a Frame TV and a Samsung/AKG VL550 audio unit. I have been busy for two whole evenings trying to connect the frame to the VL550 via bluetooth and an iPhone with Spotify via Wifi and ethernet.
Been busy creating smartthings app account. The app will notproperly register the VL550. It stops at 98%. Believe me I have tried for 8 times. Also reset the VL and pushing the connect button for 20 timers.
At this time the VL is connected to internet via Wifi. The frame can only connect to the VL via wifi abs will not connect to bluetooth anymore and the Spotify/iphone connection isnt working either (I have gad it running via wifi and bluetooth before). So It is a complete mess. I just wanted the Frame to connect to the VL via bleutooth and spotify on the iPhone via Wifi… can anybody please help? Thanks!

A Samsung Frame TV should be able to connect to a VL550 via wifi rather than using bluetooth.

Once the VL550 is connected to wifi it should come up as one of the output options within the Samsung TVs Audio settings.

I have connected my VL550 to my Samsung TV this way to listen to Spotify and Amazon Music.(Using the Spotify and Amazon Music apps on the TV or on an Amazon Fire stick that I have connected to the TV.

Dear friends,
there is a mention in manual of the VL5 (footnote #1 on the page describing the back panel of the speaker), that only Ethernet Cat.7 Sftp cable is supported. I had the same connection problems while using Cat.6 cable (pauses/interrupts of sound), but as soon as I plugged the Cat.7 Sftp AWG23 cable, I have had no problems anymore. Since that, The Frame TV and VL5 communicate very well together, as well as the VL5 is available in home network for supported app. It is also better, than WiFi connection, in case a 4K UHD or better quality movie is playing on The Frame TV and/ or your WiFi router is processing a lot of WiFi devices at the same time (smart home devices etc.). Whatsoever, at least The Frame TV is better to connect via Cat.7 Sftp, whilst the VL5 may be connected thru WiFi to the same router/bridge (but I am using the Cat.7 Sftp connection, because, as aforesaid, I have a lot of WiFi smart home devices being running. Hope this advice will resolve any further problems. Rgds

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