Unable to connect to KS8000

Good news…The HDMI problem seems to be fixed for me. Bad news… still no discovery by Smarthings.

Still no fix for smartthings integration? Why can’t they roll back the update? This isn’t right! I picked this TV because of smartthings.

I still cant get my TV to update to 1206. Samsung even sent me a signed FW on a USB and that didnt work. I was told the updates are released in tiers, so if a bug was found the update might not make it to all tiers.

I manually installed FW 1206 via USB last night. As with others, it seemed to fix the HDMI issue but ST integration still doesn’t work. Hopefully no new bugs were introduced with 1206 and Samsung can resolve the integration issue soon!

Just updated to 1206 - no fix for the smartthings integration. Still no release date for the smartthings extend (which has been in early access for 2 years). I’m starting to lose confidence in Samsung’s dev team.

There seems to be a thread started on the Samsung tv community. Their moderators seem more active over there

I just received this from communication with people at Samsung support via their Twitter account:
Hello Michael, Product Support recommends use of Samsung Connect instead as the Smart Things app is no longer supported and is being removed from all TV’s. You should be able to do most of the same things with Samsung Connect. ^Gill

lets hope Gill is wrong.


Hopefully he was talking about the TV app that was to go with the Extend. I am just waiting on some sort of announcement reporting the death of the Extend with the development of the Link.

I would guess so considering how clueless some chat support people are.

I was given the same information about the Connect App. The issue is - I’m not trying to use my phone as a remote. I use smartthings for the home control features. The Connect App provides none of this.

He actually said the smartthings app was being removed allo TVs. And it was, from ours anyway so, he’s not wrong. I’m kind of pissed that they would delete something that worked. I can see no longer updating it but actually removing a feature from our TVs is pretty shitty.

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I finally got a hold of Smartthings support - the smartthings app is NOT going away. They mentioned that the issue is still a TV firmware issue as we all know, but no ETA on a fix. Happy to hear smartthings is sticking around.

I called: 1-800-726-7864
Pressed # to use touch navigation
Pressed 1 for consumer issue
Pressed 5 for smartthings or connect
Pressed 1 for smartthings.

I just called that number and even pointed the guy to the link above for samsung support where a moderator said they were removing smartthings from the TVs.

And yet another week with no progress or even an update on this.

It’s been 2 month since this thread was started…no answers. Samsung customer service is absolutely terrible.

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Contacted support again and received no updates.

If it helps to save anyone headaches I went through the process of adding the TV to the Samsung Connect App, resetting my hub to factory and adding it to the Connect App to see if the automations would work.

The new Samsung Connect App is a mess. It has difficulty getting accurate device statuses, it does not integrate with the same devices as smartthings. The automations are not feature rich enough to work like ST Routines.

After a few hours of testing I ended up resetting again and started over with ST. I did end up getting a harmony hub and now control the TV with that.

Jake (SmartThings)
Nov 2, 2:46 PM MST
Hi Eric,
Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information at this time.
We are still working on it and my developers have been since this week as well.
We will let you know the moment we have an answer.
Kind regards,
Jake K.
SmartThings Support

Same here as JP, gave up on ST/TV integration and got a harmony remote. Working much better.

That just gives smartthings and Samsung both a pass. They need to actually fix this.