Unable to Add Inovelli Switches to ADT Smartthings Hub

I have 8 Inovelli switches (NZW30) that I am unable to pair with my ADT Smartthings Hub.

I have tried both cutting off the power and clicking the up button 6 times in a row without any luck.

I have tried to add in both the Classic ST app and the new SmartThings app.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Try installing the custom Inovelli Device Type Handler(s) available on their website.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did try the custom device type on this page without any luck.


I was able to add the ADT door sensors and motion detectors. Also added my arlo cameras and ecobee thermostat. Just can’t get these switches to pair.

how far from the hub are they? Do you have any other z-wave device paired?

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I figured it out. They had to be excluded. I should had mentioned in my original post that I had these paired previously…

The Inovelli troubleshooting guide pointed me in the right direction.


Thank you for your help!


hi, mully.

So endup you ran the z-wave exclusion mode and click 6x on every single switch??

A licensed technician installed over 20 pieces Inovelli switches for me, and i can’t search any of them after building the device handler successfully…

Please help,

Try re-publishing the device handler. There is a bug with device handlersngoing stale.

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