Inovelli NZW39

Is there a way to connect inovelli NZW39 to SmartThings ?


The best sources for Inovelli help are at Inovelli Support and the Inovelli Community .

Search for NZW39 and you’ll find the manual, the DH and instructions on how to pair. The Community also has a number of posts related to that device.

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In addition to @bry ‘s excellent advice, we should also add that zwave operates on different frequencies in different regions. The frequency of any end device, such as the NZW39, must exactly match the zwave frequency of the hub. This is true regardless of the brand of hub.

At the Time of this writing, Inovelli only manufactures devices using the North American zwave frequency. So they could be used with one of the smartthings hubs distributed for use in North America, but not for the hubs distributed for use in the UK, Europe, or Australia.

I don’t know if that’s an issue at all in this case, but I did just want to mention it in case you were buying the Inovelli device off of eBay or something.

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