Can't add more inovelli switches

I currently have 20 inovelli switches connected to smart things. Most of them are NZW31S and NZW30 switches. I have about 115 z-wave devices connected currently, so I don’t think I’m anywhere near a limit on devices. My issue is that I’ve tried to add 3 different innovelli switches (two NZW30 and one NZW31S) recently and I can’t pair any of them. I can exclude them with the smartthigns hub or with a z-stick, but I can’t get them to add. I can get them to add with my Hubitat Elevation hub, but for this particular instance, I’d rather them on my Smartthings hub. The switches function as expected otherwise turning the light on or off. I can also get changes to the LED behavior by 8 tapping and reverse the switch with 10x off tap, etc. Anyone have problems with this? It seems really odd to me. I can add other z-wave devices to the smart things hub. I added a GE smart outlet to the hub no problem just yesterday. It seems to just be innovelli switches that won’t add. All 20 of my other switches seem to be working fine.

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One thing you can try. If you have custom device handlers installed, open them in IDE and Save/Publish for Me. Then reset and try to pair again. There is a known issue where device handlers can become stale preventing new devices from pairing.


Oh cool! I do run custom device handlers for Inovelli. I’ll try that tonight and cross my fingers. I’ll report back either way.

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When you say, “reset and try to pair again.” Are you referring to resetting the switch or are you referring to resetting the hub? If the hub, what kind of reset?

Definitely the switch. :slight_smile:

Z-wave —> Exclude the z-wave device
Zigbee —> reset the zigbee device

If anyone ever tells you to reset the hub… run away!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Awesome, thanks so much. I would have never thought of that myself. They all paired like normal, first try after re-saving and publishing the DHs.

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With 115 Z-wave devices…omg…i don’t even want to think about repairing/rebuilding all of that. I am getting a migraine just thinking about it. Don’t just run…run fast!!!

You only need to exclude/reset the new devices you are trying to pair. Those devices you are attempting to pair but don’t. This does not apply to existing devices that are already paired.

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I’m having trouble adding a 4 in 1 sensor. When I try to pair, the live event log show zw device removed.