Unable to add any new devices

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but for quite a while now I’ve not been able to add any new devices to my setup. I’m running, hub v2, US customer Rev E.

When I try to discover new devices, all I see in the log is, in ssdpDiscover, No devices to add, verified devices: [:], over and over again.

I’ve checked the Device Handlers and there’s nothing weird or exotic - it’s all stuff that’s been posted here & confirmed working.

I am wondering if my network is to blame. I have Frontier Fios, and I’ve disabled the WiFi on their ActionTec router & am using a Netgear R7500v2 as a wireless access point. I thought maybe the uPnP discovery was having a problem so I set the Netgear as DMZ, but that didn’t make a difference.

I’ve even tried deleting working devices & re-adding them & the hub doesn’t find them either.

Another issue (and this may be totally unrelated) is I’m unable to remove some devices and SmartApps for some reason. Specifically I cannot remove yracine’s MyEcobeeInit no matter what I do. On my iPhone it ends up giving me an Ecobee thermostat that doesn’t function & can’t be removed. I’ll remove it, and as soon as I refresh, it comes right back. When I try to remove the Init, it tells me other people are using it (even though I’m the only one in my account) These things don’t seem related, but I figure I’d include it in case it is.

Are there any troubleshooting tools out there for folks who are one step above “normals” when it comes to tech, but aren’t out writing device handlers in their spare time?



I would say a direct call to technical support is in order here as they would be the ones who could assist you with your issue(s).

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My hub isn’t new & I doubt it’s under warranty anymore - and I’m using non-SmartThings device handlers. Are they ok with giving support in that type of situation?

I’m so used to tech companies having absolutely the worst support around that I rarely, if ever, bother to call or email support anymore.