Unable to add additional Harmony activities

I am pulling my hair out over this.

I’m using the Harmony Connect smart app. I’ve created a number of new activities in Harmony and was going to, in turn, add them in ST.

This has never been an issue before. I’ll create the activity, got into the smart app, find the new activities, check their boxes, and save.

As of last night, I receive an “Unexpected error” message when I try to add new activities. Or, for that matter, try to save on the smart app screen at all.

I was so desperate that I tried deleting the smart app all together so I can start from scratch, but that even presents me with and “unexpected error.”

Please help!

iOS or Android? Classic app or new app?

iOS (13.2.3) and ST Classic!

Any old zombie harmony hubs in the harmony app? That can cause issues

I have two hubs. They’re both active, and I only use one with ST.

I just created a new harmony activity and was able to add it to harmony connect in my ST Classic app.

You may want to contact ST support and see if they can identify what is causing your error.

I just checked the logs and I’m seeing this.

Harmony - Current Activities: []
getChildDevices(false), children=34
Harmony - response body: {"hubs":{"10454102":{"status":200,"message":"OK","response":{"code":"200","msg":"OK","data":{"accountId":"EDITEDOUT","configVersion":114,"sleepTimerId":-1,"activityStatus":0,"version":1541,"contentVersion":83,"currentAvActivity":"-1","syncStatus":0,"currentActivities":[]}}},"14429193":{"status":200,"message":"OK","response":{"code":"200","msg":"OK","data":{"accountId":"EDITEDOUT","configVersion":129,"sleepTimerId":-1,"activityStatus":0,"version":689,"contentVersion":93,"currentAvActivity":"-1","syncStatus":0,"currentActivities":[]}}}}}
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object @line 444 (doCall)
Harmony - Adding Hubs

I deleted all Harmony activities from within IDE, successfully deleted the smart app within IDE, and was able to re-add the app and activities via the ST Classic app.