Adding harmony activities

I’ve been using a Harmony hub in my living room and I have my activities in my smart things app and it works great. —did that while I had the classic app.

Recently I got a new harmony hub for the TV in our basement. Now that the classic app is gone, am I out of luck as far as adding the new hub its associated activities to smart things?

If you still have the Logitech harmony smartapp installed, you should be able to add the hub and activities in menu > SmartApps > Logitech harmony (connect). If the activities do not show up in your device list, go to dashboard > + (plus) > device > by brand > scan nearby.

If you do not have the Logitech harmony smartapp installed, you can install it in IDE > SmartApps > add smartapp > from template > Logitech harmony (connect) and then follow the steps above.



@jkp, I just participated in a discussion on one of the Facebook groups where this came up and we originally referenced your post - thanks…

A few reported the Harmony smartapp or activities stopped working or ‘just disappeared’ recently. Furthermore, our friends in Europe are having difficulty with ‘add from template’ in the IDE. (Strange errors)

Looks like (from one poster and confirmed by at least one other) that if you add SmartThings to Harmony from the Harmony App (In the Harmony app: Devices > Add Device > SmartThings) instead of the other way around it still works.

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Thanks for posting this! I was growing frustrated with my Harmony/Smartthings integration and uninstalled the SmartApp. Big mistake. Thought I’d lost the connection between Harmony and Smartthings forever. Didn’t realize it was posted to the IDE.

I have followed these instructions and managed to get harmony activities into Smartthings now. What about harmony devices? Can these devices be controlled from smartthings? I see only activities are available.

The default integration only pulls activities.