Unable to add 2nd smart lighting automation for a different time window

I have hub v2 along with hue bulbs and iris motion sensor
I added a one automation to turn on lights and set daylight when motion is detected between 6am-1am and it’s working
I tried to add a 2nd automation but for different color temperature when motion is detected (using same sensor) between 1am and 6am, either the 2nd automation takes over for any time period or sometimes no lights turn on regardless of timing
I don’t know if timing should be set differently than 6am-1am/1am-6am. also not sure if time I set is my phone time or it’s some kind of timezone
also don’t know if it’s related to recent problems with ST ub being very slow
Any help is appreciated


Login to https://account.smartthings.com and see what timezone is set for your hub

Which app do you use? SmartThings Classic or the ‘new’ SmartThings app? What are you using for the automations?

Have you looked in the ‘Live Logging’ on the IDE to see if there is any interesting debugging? For example if you have automations set up with the Smart Lighting app via the Classic app (I say that in case there is a different one available in the ‘new’ app) you may see debugging messages from your various automations. For example, I just triggered a motion sensor and got a debugging message from an automation telling me the start and end times of its time window so I know it isn’t active at the moment.

I was using the new app
I just tried the classic app and it’s like night and day, so much better and responsive, now the automation works well. I appreciate your help
I realized if using the online website IDE, I don’t see any log, well because the devices are not there, do we need to add them on the IDE to show up? do I have too? or the classic app suffice?