Can’t get period of time to work

Trying to do a simple routine that worked on my Wink. From 10 pm to 6 am if the garage door opens turns on the sofa light. The issue is that ANY time I open the garage it turns on the lights - day or night. Here is how I have it set up.

login to IDE at click on My Locations, then click on the Name of your Home Location… do you see time zone and right below it, do you see the sunset/sunrise times? Are they all correct?

if they are, try installing Smart Lights in the Add Automation section and create a smart lighting rule. I bet it will work.

I was using the new app and is was not working. Created in the classic and is now working. Thanks for your help. I was unaware of the IDE.

I Have same problem with A/C. (Timezone is correct)
If I create automation with specific time it is working.
If I create automation with period of time it is not working.
Can you please help me what is the problem ?

What worked for me was downloading the Classic app and creating the automation. The screen shot that you posted appears to be the new app. There seems to be some bugs in the newer app. After you create it in the classic app it will show up in the new app under automation.

If that doesn’t work you can go into the IDE and search for one under the SmartApp section. I have found some useful apps in there.

Below is the icon for the classic app


Old SmartThings application does not allow create automation (routine) as I want.
I am not a developer for create own SmartApp in IDE.
I need this automation (routine) :

time is between 00:00 - 08:15 AND temperature >= 23
start A/C AND set temperature 22

Your going to want Core/Webcore if you want advanced automations

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Skip CoRE and go directly to webCoRE :slight_smile:

How did you create it in the Classic app?

Did it in smart lighting and created a new automation. Defined the lights first then the sensors.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and install webCoRE and be off to creating glorious automations! Don’t hesitate. Also, ditch the New App until absolutely forced to use it.

Good Luck!