UltraSync Home Security and Smartthings

Hi guys,

Question, I think I kind of know the answer, I’ve tried to read a ton on here and saw some older posts saying no and then saying some that had but here goes.
I’ve got a UltraSync zerowire home alarm system. It’s a desktop base unit that talks to wireless sensors, for doors/windows/smoke/fire/glass brake, outlet sirens, etc. Can Smarthings be setup to talk to these sensors or no. Anybody out there doing it? It is my understanding they operate on RF not zigbee or zwave protocol so I’m guessing that’s proprietary to the alarm system, and not compatible with smartthings. It’s monitored and only 23 bucks, so seems probably pointless to buy more sensors for doors and windows that smartthings can duplicate what it’s already doing.

Thanks for any info.