ThingShield Needed

Does anyone have an extra ThingShield that they can part with? or does anyone know if or when they will be available. I need one badly!

What do you need it for specifically? There are other ways to get zigbee control however it only gives you one binary (on/off) and one analog (0-100) output and only reports the state of those outputs (doesn’t accept inputs).

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i have. tried messing with it once and gave up :stuck_out_tongue:

@Logic willing to sell to ya for $40

@rangelsammon Thank you.That’s awesome! I can’t figure out how to PM you but I will take it. I called Samsung today and they told me they don’t have an expected delivery date for them but they will be making more.

@blebson I’m renovating/wiring a house that I will be moving into. I want to connect multiple sensors (door contacts and motion sensors) as inputs to turn on flood lights, railing lights , apron lights, etc… I want the inputs to also trigger Zwave switches, and I want the relays connected to the arduino to be incorporated into scenes. I could easily see having 12 or more inputs and 12 or more outputs.