Ultimate Wake Up Alarm

Hey Guys,

Hope all is well!

I’m new to this whole ST area after picking up a home hub at maplins the other day before they shut for good (£30 couldn’t be sniffed at).

Anyhow, I already had a GH and some hue bulbs. I want to tie these up together and create the ultimate wake up alarm.

My missus loves the simplicity of asking GH to set an alarm for X AM, but I want to notch this up a bit, and get the Hue bulbs to slowly dim up over about half an hour before the alarm goes off. I also want the alarm to be a playlist from spotify rather than the unpleasant one currently bundled with GH.

Is there a way of doing this via ST that can be done with one voice control, rather than doing two separate ‘routines’ if that makes sense. It still has to follow the ‘Hey Google, Set an Alarm for X AM’ phrases, I’ve looked into IFTTT/Stringify etc… but I can’t seem to find a way of making the GH the actionable device.

Any help is muchly appreciated.