Easy wake me up with phone alarm and Hue lights?

I would like an easy way to set my alarm on my phone.
I need to wake up at different times, so I change it from day to day.

So I would like e.g. to set an alarm for 6.30 and then

  1. it will trigger a “turn bulbs on slowly”-function 10 minutes before.
  2. My phone alarm of course wakes me
  3. Then triggers a morning routine

Any ideas?

Would you create the “turn bulbs on slowly”-funktion in the Hue app or in the SmartThings app?
Does the Hue app manage that kind of functionallity better than through smartthings?

But does it perform the gradual increase in the level of the light - I believe that is what the OP was looking for in their post above?

Look for: Gentle Wake Up