Easy wake me up with phone alarm and Hue lights?

(Simon) #1

I would like an easy way to set my alarm on my phone.
I need to wake up at different times, so I change it from day to day.

So I would like e.g. to set an alarm for 6.30 and then

  1. it will trigger a “turn bulbs on slowly”-function 10 minutes before.
  2. My phone alarm of course wakes me
  3. Then triggers a morning routine

Any ideas?

Would you create the “turn bulbs on slowly”-funktion in the Hue app or in the SmartThings app?
Does the Hue app manage that kind of functionallity better than through smartthings?

(Robin) #2

There’s an app for that [sic]

(jkp) #3

But does it perform the gradual increase in the level of the light - I believe that is what the OP was looking for in their post above?

(Robin) #4

It just tells webCoRE the alarm time and chosen alarm days.

WebCoRE can then do stuff a set duration of time before the alarm time.


Look for: Gentle Wake Up

(Robin) #6

A great app… but annoying having to delve into the app every time you want to set the time or turn alarm on/off.

Also, very limited on actions.