K. I want to make a wake up device that uses SmartThings

This is what I want to do I want to make a wake up alarm using SmartThings. The reasoning behind this is 99% of the time I beat the alarm on waking up and if I walk out the door with out turning it off then it plays most of the day. So I bought one of those high dollar Bluetooth radio alarm clock love it with wireless charging built in. Here lies the problem to turn it off you have to get connected to the clock via Bluetooth then go to clock App ( SoundCore) then turn off that time so it will not go off and. Hope you remember to turn it back on when you get home that evening. So I want SmartThings to use the geofencing to know if I have already left early to not even both to turn on alarm because I’ve already left this morning. Either a power outlet or a smart speaker any idea would be helpful.

Thank You

I use a Sonos speaker and routines that say if away and speaker on or comes on then turn it off. So the alarm can activate but will fairly immediately turn off.

It has worked well but only works when the driver is functioning… A thing that at the moment is up for debate! (ST fix pending :crossed_fingers:)

Definitely OK for radio ect. but now you bring it to mind I’ll have to check it works with Sonos chimes :thinking:

The issue I see for him is that his alarm clock is Bluetooth so I don’t know how ST would be able to control it. And since it supports wireless charging, it implies that having a power outlet that ST can turn off won’t help as the clock would simply run on battery.

Agreed an outlet is not ideal but OP states power outlet or smart speaker so just thought I’d chuck Sonos into the mix… maybe not ideal given the BT speaker expenditure :crazy_face: (not sure why wireless charging implies battery running though?)

Actually, thinking about it, maybe use a phone alarm with the BT speaker paired to the phone - no ST needed at all :rofl:

Yeah, but I don’t understand the smart speaker part unless the clock responds to voice commands. It would make no sense speaking yourself a remind after you’ve left the geofence.

Why else would you charge something unless it’s to run off batteries?

So what I’m trying to accomplish is that I can either hit a button or do a slide to cancel if I’m woke up by the alarm. I could use the phone BUT you still have to a knowledge the alarm if you walk out of the house. Sometime I’ll wake before the alarm goes off and just sit on the side of the bed and wait for it to go off I know there is no way to fix 2-5 minutes before alarm push the reset button and it silent and ready for tomorrow mornings alarm. It’s those days that if I leave 5-15 early it will just a knowledge that I’ve left and cancel or reset alarm

Again, could do with a smart speaker and ST modes, you’d need routines to set the modes (button push, leaving home ect.) and manage the alarm(s) through ST. So for example with modes Slumber, Home and Away:

  • Set slumber on retiring for the night
  • Set home on rising for the day or on alarm or on returning home
  • Set Away when leaving/left the house

Then an alarm routine may look like this:

Just an idea but should be workable?

As @h0ckeysk8er says BT and ST don’t mix although Alexa and ST do so that may be another possibility - that’ll need somone else’s expertise though and there are others on here that have a far deeper knowledge of what’s available and possible that I do.

(@h0ckeysk8er I read it as the speaker being the charger - doh! :roll_eyes:)

So Alexa Dot or any of that product is able to integrate into SmartThings.

@DCrusher I believe so:

but outside of Google search I have absolutely no knowledge of the ins and outs and how good or otherwise it is - also plenty of info and experts on this here in the forum too…

Yea the speaker was the wireless charger and it work great so I had everything bundled into this one unit that woke me up and played radio to wake me and it even charged my phone. Until I went from a IPhone 11 to 14 then it quit charging the IPhone so I have a wireless charging pad next to the clock now. I don’t know what’s keeping it from charging other than the camera lens on the IPhone 14 are longer so it kinda raises the phone a little off the charging pad on top of the clock.

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Dead simple option: smart outlet connected to ST and a dumb radio. Plug the radio into the outlet. Create a routine: IF mobile presence is present (precondition) AND time is 6:00 am, turn outlet on, turn off automatically after 30 minutes.
Create another routine: IF mobile presence leaves, turn outlet off.

Echo Dot option:
Create a virtual Alexa Switch (link below) I’ll call “Virtual Alarm” and choose the setting to create the linked contact device. Turn the switch on and off with the same logic above. In the Alexa app, create two more routines:
If Virtual Alarm Contact opens, play playlist / radio station / etc. on Bedroom Dot.
If Virtual Alarm Contact closes, stop music on Bedroom Dot.

Neither of these uses your fancy Bluetooth speaker but unfortunately it’s not a good fit for automation. You could maybe plug it into a smart outlet and kill power when you walk away, but I don’t know how that will go for re-syncing the time.

So I went down to Best Buy and bought a $200 Alarm Clock. Sonos One SL so far I’m impressed it is doing everything that I wanted it to do. I have it setup to play music off my Plex Server for wake up. I automated it to wake up at a certain time I have 2 precondition setup

  1. I have to be at home
  2. If the dinning room lights are on that means I’m already up so don’t both setting off the alarm.

So far so good I don’t have to do anything. Only on the days I’m woke up by the alarm which is very seldom I have to go to SmartThings App and hit Reset Alarm Clock scene that’s it other than that it works the way I want. I know it was an expensive choice for an alarm clock the only thing I miss is the clock display. BUT I can deal with that my IWatch just tap it and it shows me the time.

So I have 3 automations setup much easier to go into SmartThings and slide a button to on or off than turn on the Bluetooth hit attach to SoundCore Clock go to SoundCore App connect to clock slide button to which work week I’m working that week then close SoundCore App then go to settings and Bluetooth and disconnect the SoundCore Clock from Bluetooth and close settings.

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I missed the clock but got one of these sitting on the bedside table that I can tap for the time. Basic but will do until we are able to get the time announced on the speaker itself…

Radio Controlled Talking Button Clock - https://amzn.eu/d/cK9Wpea

Sonos, good choice too, you’re on another slippery slope of wants now :joy: