UK working Luminosity sensor?

Hi just wondering if anyone had a luminosity sensor working? None are on official list. Just trying to get lights coming on if we are home + light is below a certain level using Rule Machine.

Hi @primarypete,

I use these and they work perfectly.

Combine them with the Device Type by @CyrilPeponnet and you’re onto a winner



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The Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 also has a lux sensor that works ‘out of the box’


Cheers guys - got 2 Fibraro sensors while they had money off on Amazon - eagerly awaiting their arrival - will get custom device type installed in preparation!

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BTW if we don’t know already. These just work out of the box with no need for any custom devices. All sensors including luminosity work fine.

Which ones do you mean? I’ve had to install a the custom device type suggested above and fiddle around with the settings to get the motion and luminosity to work well with the Fibaro ones!

If you go to the built in market place it should show 3 motion detectors. Samsung, Aeon and Fibaro. At least it does for me.

Me 2 but then you can’t control luminosity sensitivity or motion sensitivity. Installing the custom device type gives you control over both