Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 OR Fibaro FGMS-001-ZW5-UK Gen 5 Z-Wave Plus Motion Sensor?

I want to get a LUMINOSITY sensor that I can rely on to trigger lights when it gets dark, switch them off when it gets light and act as a criteria to deny or allow other automations to do so.

Both of these sensors are supported and both are reputable brands but if you look at the feedback on various sites, both have their share of criticisms levelled at them for all manner of things such as battery life, lack of sensitivity, incorrect readings, delays, etc. Both are multi and I can see uses for the motion detection aswell (not not UV).

Does anyone have experience of both and thus could recommend one or the other (or perhaps another luminosity sensor that works better?).

At the moment I am erring towards the Aeotec one because it can be ceiling-mounted and can be mains powered which could be options in my kitchen refurb.

My birthday in 2 weeks and the wife wants a recommendation that works well because while she likes the idea of a smart home she can’t be doing with devices that cost a fortune and don’t do what they are supposed to do. I get that :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

No problems with my Multisensor 6.

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Why not use the hubs sunrise or sunset values
You can use these with an offset.
I have lights come on in my lounge 30 mins before sunset and it works well for me

Yes I do use those values at present but it often seems the case that one gets a dull day and you don’t want the lights going off for a further hour. We also get days that get dark during the day and a luminosity reading would cover those circumstances.

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