UK vs US developer hubs

Hi all,

I just got my SmartThings starter kit yesterday and I’m excited to get things up and running with it. One of my main goals was to use homebridge to hook up everything to HomeKit and Siri and so I followed the instructions diligently. Of course when it came to publishing my app I came across the existence of two different developer hubs - the US “standard” on and the UK one with the awkward domain name.

It seems that as ST owners in the UK there are many things that aren’t ideal and so I was wondering if there’s anyway to switch all my “things” wholesale to using the US service. As if there was no UK-specific service. That way all the code examples would work and github integration would work and there would be no editing server names in code that shouldn’t need to be edited etc.

Does anyone have any information on doing this? Or is this only possible with a US hub? Could I update the firmware with a US version maybe?


The server shard you use is directly tied to what hardware you have. UK hubs cannot join either of the NA shards, unfortunately.

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Believe me you don’t want to do that, the US servers have had the worst of the reliability issues over the last few months, us UK guys on the EU shard have come out of it relatively unscathed. There’s very little that doesn’t work on the EU shard now. The one exception being GitHub. But IMHO is not needed anyway

Some of us might disagree with that!



I concur!!

each to their own…theres enough workarounds to notify of updates in github repo’s and a quick copy and paste and your done. but i would personally put up with the status quo rather than try and get a US account. I am wondering though what the holdup is as they have Github working with the new US Shard don’t they?

I believe so yes.