Why my new US hub V3 doesnt have GitHub integration?


I have bought US Smartthing hub v3 and I dont have GitHub integration in my IDE.

Can someone please help me with this?

What region do you live?

I live in South East Europe

I also have european hub v3 and the weird thing about all this is that on my account that is connected to that european hub I have a github integration in the IDE. Does GitHub integration depends on what hub you have(US or EU) or on in what region is your samsung account linked?

It has nothing to do with your hub. It’s related to not only which region your account resodes in but what shard your SmartThings installation is running in.


Hi, Leaving in europe i wish to have github ide intergation but it s not showing smartthings ide app :frowning:( ?
Hope to get answers on how to bypass that nightmare !