Git Hub integration with Smartthings outside US

Hello ST community.

I currently have a ST hub at my place, here in South America, and I have been using the system with a lot of devices (even an Alexa and an Echo Dot) and so far, no problem at all.
Now, I wanted to give a try to CoRE and so that, integrate my Smartthings with Git Hub IDE. In the process, I read this message:

  1. GitHub IDE integration is not supported outside the US.
  2. GitHub IDE integration may negatively impact the performance of the IDE.

I wanted to know why my location would be a problem for this integration, I have been told a couple of times that my ST system wouldn’t work outside US but it did, should I go for it and try this integration? I am afraid (because of the second message) that something goes wrong.

Thank you all

It used to be that github integration did not work on the EU server/shard. This is the one I am connected to.
That is now not the case it does work.
I don’t think it matters which shard you sre on, it should work.

As for impacting on the ide, I like many others have found that when you integrate your SmartApps or Device Handlers into github, it does impact the loading of My SmartApps and My Device Handlers.
All other selections work fine.
In my case, if I click on My SmartApps or My Device Handlers, it can time out a couple of times, but it will eventually load. This can take up to two minutes for me.

Give it a try and see how you get on.
There are some threads on github integration. Have a search.

EDIT: Just tried it again. Make that 5 minutes.

And the “events” on the house has a delay too? I mean, if I create an Smartapp with CoRE than turns on a light after motion, it also takes some time to work?

No. All home automation tasks, pistons etc. are not affected. Everything works as you would expect.

It’s just trying to open up the My SmartApps and My Device Handlers in the IDE.

I don’t know why but I assume when you try these two options it goes off to github to get updated with all integrated code. This then takes for ever.

Ok, that is great, thank you very much.

So how do you enable it on the EU West shard? the “enable integration” button isnt there

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