GitHub Integration to my UK V2 Hub


(Bob) #1

I have just upgraded to a UK V2 hub from a US V1 hub.
With my V1 hub I was able to click on the ‘Integrate with Github’ link from the My SmartApps page and integrate successfully my SmartApps and Device Handlers.
With my V2 hub I do not see the ‘Integrate with Github’ link in either the Device Handlers page or the My SmartApps page.
Is this because I already have an account linked with GitHub and a hub?
If not, does anyone have any ideas what is going on and how I can get round this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Bob,
I presume by now you’ve found the answer, but in case not - don’t shoot the messenger…

(Bob) #3

Thanks @aubers. I had found this post and am disappointed to say the least.
Looks like ST are treating their UK customers as second class citizens. :wink: