UK V2 Hub not communicating with Hue devices (June 2023)

I’m sure this is a very frustrating situation. At this point, I think looking at the IDE, which is the link that you just gave, is only going to make it more frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: The IDE is part of the old architecture and the information there may be incorrect or out of date.

Instead, you can use either the Simple device viewer or the API browser plus, both of which are community projects that work with the new architecture. They will give you similar information, but it will be up-to-date.

See post three in the following thread

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

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Thanks, much appreciated advice

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I implemented the edge driver mentioned by @jkp and all is now operational again


The driver version I see now is 20/6 and at least here I can confirm I’ve had 36 hours stability, responding on app and automations running without problems.
Hope everyone else the same. Thanks to @nayelyz


I’m still on 2023-06-13, is there any way I can force an update?

Best not to touch anything, as commented on another thread a LAN driver pairing should not be modified. I personally would recommend you wait.


Sorry that your experiencing this too. We need your help, can you please grant impersonation access to your account? Once you have followed the steps below, please private message myself and let me know your email address that you use to log-in with Samsung so we can see how to best move forward for you.

  1. Open Samsung account
  2. Toggle account data access permission and select a long duration
  3. Tap confirm to allow support access

Thank you very much.

Support access granted and the email used to reach me is the one

Had stability after switching to the edge driver mentioned by @jkp for about 48 hrs now no response to Hue in ST app again

Simultaneously rebooting ST hub and Hue bridge fixes the issue but as soon as I lose internet connection (which is frequent this week) the ST - Hue connection is broken again

I had something like this yesterday.

Control of Hue bulbs with the ST app and with Alexa via ST just stopped. There was no error message in the app - it showed bulbs off when they were on (with hub and all bulbs showing as online) and clicking in the app showed an activity animation but no change.

No firmware or driver has been updated in the last week (2023-06-13 driver). Rebooting both hubs had no effect and as it just started working OK today this might suggest a cloud issue - even though ST to Hue is local.

I am also on 20/6 but I am away from home and will be able to see if the new driver has fixed the issue for me when I get back home on Monday.

Have you had a stable connection since 20/6 driver?

I’m now on the 4th day with a stable connection, presumably coinciding with the 20/6 driver but I can’t be sure about that. Before I had to reboot the ST V3 hub continually, twice a day at least to get the Hue hub back online.
If I didn’t reboot, the Hue hub would never reconnect on its own so as I understand it you won’t be able to know until you get back home and reboot. Then you’ll see - good luck!

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I deleted and re-added all my bulbs, this seemed to fix the issue but the same thing has happened again now.

@nayelyz I see people are having success with the 2023-06-20 driver, how long does it take for this to roll out to all users? I’m still seeing 2023-06-13.

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I’m now on driver 23-06-23 and everything is not working for me.

As usual, all the HUE lights works and can be controlled in the HUE app.

The status of the HUE lights are not updating in the Smartthings app if HUE lights are switched on or off in the HUE app.
In Smartthings, I can for one time turn off a HUE light, the status is however not updated in the Smartthings app and I cannot again turn on the same HUE light in the Smartthings app.

I have disconnected the power and disconnected the LAN-cord and then of course plugged everything back again to both the Smartthings (also removed the backup batteries) and the HUE hub.

For me this is still an ongoing issue.

We have had this issue for almost a month now.
Please provide some information why this is taking so long to resolve.

I concur with this. It’s not good that only third party developers have managed to create reliable edge drivers for Hue, and the official channel has left people with broken smart home lighting for a month.


A week ago I posted that my Hue integration had been working perfectly for 4 days.
Now, since last Friday I again have issues, (coinciding with the 23/6 driver update?) with the lights not responding on the device tile and automations failing - seem to run as ACTION but not when an IF condition.
Although this time they show on the app as online and can in some instances be dimmed but not switched on or off.

Good catch @Johnnybegoode I too, sometimes, can dim but not switch on/off HUE lights in the ST app.
Strange behavior for sure.

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Sounds like their REST API is running but their event stream is not. That would cause the one way control that you are describing. I don’t want to dig in too much on their driver, since I have my own, but do you have anything else like Google Home or Alexa connected directly to your Hue system? Hue has a limit on the number of connections that are allowed at once. If you use these other services, it is possible that you are exceeding that threshold on the Hue side, which would prevent ST from connecting.