Hub offline...?

(Steve) #1

Anybody else’s UK hub go offline this morning?

Tried the usual trick of removing power and reconnecting before leaving work, no joy. Just checked now nearly 2 hours later and the app reports that the hub is still offline!

Or could this be a side effect and a sign that my account could be mid account migration?


No problems here today


No, still all up and running

(Steve) #4

I think its me…!

Just logged into my server at home and I am unable to ping the ST box so I’m going to assume a network switch problem or a DHCP grabbing issue on the box. Although I did confirm the network port was alive and flashing away this morning before reboot and there is another device on the same edge switch as it that’s reachable so…

(Steve) #5

yep, the switch had died (showing as though it was alive but failing at transfering packets!>

oh well