UK ST light switch?

Hi! I’m quite new to the ST system so please excuse me on that! Firstly can I clarify where ST stands with Z-Wave devices? Am I right in thinking that if I bought any Z-Wave device that it would work with my smart things system? (I currently have the medium kit).

Secondly I would love to set up some automated lighting, I am aware of bulbs but don’t like that idea that you always have leave the wall switch on and if you wanted to turn a light on or off you would have to use the app etc, I am wondering if a piece of hardware exists which is a physical light switch I could change for my existing? So that I could remotely control that switch but also use it if I walk into the room like normal, that way I can keep my existing bulbs etc?

Hope that makes sense and thank you in advance for your help! Can’t wait to see the potential of this system!


Take a look at this

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