UK Light switch options help please


Hi, I am new to ST just got a hub, and am UK based and already have a number of IFTTT compatible light bulbs but have a number of ‘chandlier’ type arrangements where I dont want to replace all the bulbs but preferably the light switch.

I already have an Xiaomi Aqara light switch which works fine on my OLD uk wiring but is only available in single way switches as far as I can see.

ANyone got any thoughts or advice please for ST (preferably) or IFTTT compatible light switches to replace UK switches (ie square etc). Mostly needed will be 2 gang 2 way switches



Since you don’t have a neutral at the switchbox, most UK members use in wall micros for this kind of situation. There are a couple of different brands now which don’t require a three wire set up.

See the UK Lighting FAQ topic ( this is a clickable link) For detailed discussion.

Also, @RobinWinbourne has done his whole house with micros and might be able to answer any further questions. :sunglasses:

(Robin) #3

Fibaro Dimmer 2, UK 2-way (called 3-way in the US), no neutral:


Thank you both will look a the links etc