Switches in the UK

Is there an option in the uk which can retro fit existing in wall switches to connect them to the ST network? I.e we are redecorating out house and my wife has picked the specific switches she wants. I want something I can potentially wire in behind so as to keep the face plate she has chosen. Is that possible? I live in the uk, so this is a uk specific question.


I believe you’ll be looking for something like this:

Looks perfect thank you. Have you used them? I assume they don’t need any additional bridge? Can I control them from/link them directly to my ST network?

I have not used them, but a lot of users on here have them.
They do not need any additional bridge and do work with ST directly.

There are also dimmer ones available instead of just on/off.

Here is the UK Compatibility list for ST and you’ll see them all near the top.

They work great.
Why 20 character limit?

The Lighting Control FAQ in the UK section of this forum should be of interest. (This is a clickable link.)