Lighting Control Question (for us here in the UK)

Hi all,

Been using SmartThings since its release here in the UK and I’ve actually had a few issues but I think its slowly getting there now. I’m looking for some advice:

I want to control all my standard lights around the house, I’m more than happy to replace the switches in the wall (we are redecorating slowly anyway) but I have a little issue. Is there a system then I can put in place which still leaves full control of the lights from the standard wall switches, but also gives you control via the ST app? Only ones I can find means leaving the switches in the wall on the “on” position in order for them to be controlled. If someone was to switch them off, it becomes useless.

Only reason I ask is that I don’t want to have to use my mobile to switch all my lights on/off all the time, when 90% of the time I can use the wall switch. Also when we have guests, they dont have access to ST so it would be nice for them to be able to use the lights! (amazing, I know!). But I’d still like to be able to turn them on/off using ST at some points.

As well as above, could someone provide a link to purchase whats needed. Only reason I ask as much of the Home Automation devices are for the US, not here in the UK!



For a very clean look into the available options, i can recommend this as a great starting point:

This was provided by @JDRoberts

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Cheers Kyle, I’ve been reading that actually and even that searching for some of the product returns all US results. I’m not an electrician but surely the electrical products for the US will not work for us here in the UK (being different voltages?) even if they are only switches etc


This is my main concern with the Smartthings setup. I don’t want to go down the bulbs route, it has to be a wall switch. Which means I either run a Fibaro dimmer behind each socket (2 wire) or attempt a hybrid Lightwave RF scenario. I would rather keep everything on Zwave but Lightwave is just so much cheaper

However, if I did that then I would either need to get the Lightwave Hub and route the commands through the cloud or replace the ST hub with Vera. I was hopeful that the USB sockets on the ST hub could be used to install a RFXtrx433 transceiver but that doesn’t appear to be possible (yet).

So I’m back to installing a dimmer and fitting a momentary switch, which means one maybe two a month :sweat:

Agreed, the Lightwave stuff is much much cheaper, its even for sale in places like Maplins which makes it handy!

I’m really shocked that ST hasnt found a way to make Lightwave work within their system, the whole idea of ST is that it’ll work with nearly anything. However if you read their “Supported Products” page, its just a list of VERY expensive items (Bose, Samsung etc) rather than what’s already out there and is being used already.

Maybe Home Automation in the UK is just for the rich and geeky (me being the latter) but if nobody sticks their neck out and puts the work in it will only stay that way!

Ah well, I’ve ordered a single Aeon Switch to test it out, but if previous attempts are anything to go by; I cant see it working 100% how I’d like (and how you’d expect!)


Definitely only for the rich or geeky! I’m not in a rush, I know it’s a long term game but it’s just frustrating when I can’t find a simple wireless/battery operated switch for less than £37! It’s to replace a bye bye standby switch which cost a tenner!! And forget about a mood controller unless I go with Lightwave.

I thought lighting would be the easier place to start! By the time I add in the power sockets/heating/speakers it’s going to cost a nigh fortune

Someone has managed to get lightwaveRF to worl woth SmartThings its just doesnt return the state of things but it can control LightwaveRF devices from SmartThings easily :slight_smile: seatch on here for it

Oh I saw that post, it just means that I need to purchase the Lightwave hub as well. Whereas if I went down the Vera route I would just need to buy the RFX transceiver

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