Any replacement lighting switch for UK?

Instead of changing all the bulbs in some rooms, is it possible to replace the actual wall light switch (i’m in UK).

I did have LightwaveRF at one time and there was a replacement light switch which worked as normal, but also via the app to switch on/off, this for me would be really handy. To be able to control this (not bothered on dimming), of my hall lights, via ST, for example security, if motion or multi sensor, during night switch on lights etc would be great.

So is there anything like this available in UK? Can’t find any direct ST type, so how about “works with ST”.


This should be of interest. (This is a clickable link.)

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Thanks. I was hoping there would be a replacement switch direct for the wall, like a LightwaveRF one, they were great.

So it looks like nothing like this yet, fitting the module behind the existing fitting, will be expensive, and have to have specific wiring, and maybe they won’t fit behind the existing fitting.

It’s what I always wanted for LightwaveRF, and now with ST, control of lighting for security, but with extra that hopefully ST will bring…