UK ST compatible outdoor camera solution

Never thought it would be his hard to find. Typically in UK we are behind for support of a lot of things in ST whereas USA have a lot more integration.

As I have ST and ideally want to expand it, I’m after a UK integration, ideally native, if not at least a decent reliable solution, for outdoor cameras please.

I’ve seen the Ring ones, and although advertised, it’s false, who h I’ve reported again to them, they are not integrated into ST UK.

So can anyone help please, what do others use.

Bit cr#p over here for compatible things :frowning:
I’m after some cameras for outside the house and inside.
I do like the nest but refuse to pay their over inflated prices and then pay them a monthly fee :frowning:
The arlos get really mixed reviews though so I think I’ll end up getting a standard PoE cameras for the outside , still unsure about the inside, I was thinking about blink but don’t fancy another hub and again the price a American guy sent me a link and we pay more than double than what they pay which is too much of a mark up for me.

We always pay more, I dont, well I do.but nothing can do, paying more as long as it’s decent kit and works.

I’m sick of all the fragmentation so thought getting SmartThings would help, but to be honest it’s not doing much apart from switching on a few lights really.

Bit sick of US getting all the integration, why can’t it quickly then be ported to UK for us?

May have to get a separate completely CCTV but again I’d prefer to integrate it all

I am using Foscam camera and it works fine.
I am using a custom Device Handler that I found in the forum…

I can see live stream …no alerts or something similar…

I’ve been watching this thread with interest.
What Foscam camera are you using?
Can you record on motion or is it only live streaming.

What are you wanting to archive by linking a camera to SmartThings ?
If it’s just for viewing you can do that with most IP cameras anyway , there’s a smartapp called generic camera and just add the IP address of the camera.
Or if you use Actiontiles you can add it direct into there.
What I’m planning is putting some near the 2 doors so when a intrusion is detected it will send me a snap shot.
I’ve got some RGB controllers on order also from China and I’m planning on linking them to some led strips so they will flash also with the intrusion :slight_smile: but if a gimmick I know but thought it would look cool lol
I think there’s not as many products over here as from reading a a lot of people here see Home automation in whole as a gimmick and the hubs don’t sell as well here.
Hopefully now IKEA are pushing forward it might open things up a bit :slight_smile:

It’s just to try and keep everything in one place more than anything.

I have some inside DLink cameras I use, work fine use the DLink app. I even got them working inside ST for a while.

They don’t record though, I got them sending email screenshots, but again that’s all the time I’d prefer if say when door opened during certain times, or motion detected etc.

I’d also like to upgrade so I have some for recording video and at the same time outside ones so maybe a full upgrade really.

I’m quite happy with my Arlo cams. I have four now and while the ‘Smarthings Mode’ in the Arlo app currently causes problems I just leave the cameras armed in the Arlo app and use ST to enable or disable them based on my routines. I then get notifications and recordings through the Arlo app. While the cams are on they work as motion detectors so I get increased coverage for SHM.

You should be able to send a screenshot triggered by something within the SHM
When you go into to configure the away and home modes etc it asks you about using a camera.
If not setup webcore and do it that way

What version Arlo do you use?
I believe the newer ones don’t need the extra hub ?

I am using fi9805w.
Motion detection is managed by the camera software itself. It sends an email with a screenshot.
It can also record to a local NAS or cloud.

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Just looked that up seems ok
Confused by it’s description it says wireless camera but you can see the wires in the picture lol
Is it a PoE camera ?

I started with the hub and three wireless Arlo cameras. Just added an Arlo Pro and that seems to be what has messed up the integration though I have found a work around as described previously.

I believe the wireless Arlo cameras do require the base station while the Arlo Q (Internal) cameras don’t.

Bit confused now on above. To record to a NAS would be great is this with any type of camera?

Arlo what’s the problem you describe with SmartThings? Do they know, acknowledged the problem/working on it?

So some arlo need the hub, some not? I’d much prefer not another hub as have ST, NAS, time capsule clogging up as well

Wireless Arlo’s selling point is that they are easy to setup and install outside as no power supply needed. This does mean that they are not able to record 24/7 (except internal Arlo Q) or record to a NAS. All they can do is record video clips to the cloud while sending you notifications.

The problem appears to be when integrating using the Smartthings Mode within the Arlo app. After setting up the rules for each event they become scrambled a few hours later. I haven’t spent enough time trying to figure this out or even work out what I am missing out on. Not sure if ST are aware but there are a few threads regarding this.

I am able to turn the cameras on and off from within ST and also view a live feed which is enough for me as I use the Arlo app to view the clips.

Wireless Arlo cameras do need the base station so if you are looking for an ‘outdoor camera solution’ without an extra hub then probably not for you.

For anyone using or thinking of using Foscam cameras, it’s worth taking a look at the front pages of their US and UK sites.

I have an Arlo Pro and everything’s fine until started sending false motion detection notifications. have you guys experienced this so far? The rest of the features were incredible though

I’ve not had any problems with false motion detection. My two Arlos in the garden do occasionally detect things like leaves blowing around but that is to be expected. The two internal cams have never detected a false motion event. This is why I have them paired up with ST motion sensors to create a consolidated motion ‘zone’ which has eliminated false alarms for me.

Hi Ben, could you explain how your ‘motion zone’ works and how could I configure one?

I have installed the Zone Motion Manager app via the IDE (below). There is an option within this app to create a False Motion Reduction Zone. So for example I included my Living Room ST motion sensor and my Living Room Arlo camera in this zone. If motion is detected by both sensors within one minute it will set the zone active. This zone appears to the Smart Home Monitor as a motion detector. So instead of including the sensors individually when setting up the SHM I just include the Living Room zone. So the SHM will only trigger an alarm if both the ST motion sensor and Arlo camera detects motion.

If you have more sensors (4 for example) you can set the zone so perhaps if 3 sensors activated within the time frame it would make the zone go active. This way if one sensor doesn’t pick up the motion the others will (hopefully) and the zone will still activate the SHM alarm.

It has eliminated the problem of random alarm activations caused by the ST motion sensor. You need to ensure that the Arlo cameras are activated when you run your goodbye routine or set the SHM to armed away.

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