Camera's, Am I Best Off Going Seperate? (UK)

Hi Everybody.

I didn’t really want to create another ’ which camera thread’ but couldn’t find a definite answer.
Ideally I really wanted to keep everything Samsung and have it running through smart things, however it does seem to limit my options.

what I want is…

A good outdoor camera, HD 1080p, Mains powered. ( I don’t want to be changing batteries every month)
A good indoor camera, again 1080p. Mains powered ( I could use the Samsung smart cam for this which is supported)

both I want to be able to live stream and really be able to record aswell, because of this I think that possibly rules ST out?
am I better off forgetting ST for camera and going for something separate?
Or is there an option that people know about and are using.

I don’t want to be spending mega money, and definatly don’t want to be paying out monthly. but if it ticks all the right boxes then £100-150 quid per camera is an amount I could live with.


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I’ll second the BlueIris vote.

Quality software!

I tried the Arlo cameras first, then settled on using Blink. Only a month or so later I’m thinking I should have just went with IP cameras on a separate system. I was looking at Blue Iris but I did not know it could be tied into ST (until reading this thread).

thanks for the info guys, im going to look at them in a bit and come back to this thread.
i am the same as u Etoimos in the fact that it hard to really pin point a definate answer.

have any of the admin or very imformed users thought about creating a thread with a definative list of things that work? samsungs official list is very small, but having been looking around this forum there is alot of good quality unofficial stuff which has been made to work and with links to other thread for each item with instructions and links to software and patch downloads would be amazing!

i am not super hot on tech like this as i am all a bit new to it, but does this work so u pay your $50 dollars, get the software, and then u use a laptop as the recording harddrive?

ah cheers for the info.

so which cameras would you recommend? ideally i need a mains powered camera, but wireless so i don’t have to try and run wire to my garage.
i’ll need a receiver aswell won’t i?

cheers for the message back, i have been looking at a few options, i don’t actually have an old laptop laying around to act as a hard drive aswell.
this would need to be just turned on and left in a corner somewhere?

saying that i could probably pick up an old desktop pc for hardly any money

Definitely worth it. It’s a complex product with heaps of features and it just works.

The post below changed my usage of BI.

By configuring BI to record direct to disk you save a huge amount of CPU cycles. I’ve got 7 1080p cameras running and recorded constantly and it consumes around 12% CPU.

edit: some good tips here:

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There’s definitely odd something going on there… I’m now on 16 cams in HD on blueiris on the i3 NUC. Averages out at around 40-50% cpu load.