Is there a SmartThings Compatible Camera available in the the UK in 2021?


I’m fairly new to SmartThings but slowly getting the hang of it. I’ve been trying to find compatible cameras for indoor and outdoors use but having trawled through all the forums I’m more confused than ever.

Are there any cameras that fully integrate (camera feed viewable in ST and able to utilise automations) and available in UK?

So far I’ve looked at Arlo, Ring, and Google Nest cams but I’m utterly confused as to whether these actually work or not.

The exact model number seems to be critical and it’s very hard to tell which Ring, Arlo or Nest cams will actually work and what functionality they offer. Is anyone able to tell me in simple terms what works?

Btw, I’ve already tralwed through other posts on the community and they seem to be very quickly out of date or impossible to follow.