ST support for IP outdoor cameras?

I’m seriously considering purchasing ST hub but can’t find any solid information about IP camera support. Is there a way to monitor and manage IP cameras with the ST hub? I have little appetite for a complicated workaround and that’s about all I could find out there on the web. Thanks for the help!

I use a Foscam FI8919W with my ST. What do you want to do with it exactly?

Ideally, I could replace basic foscam app functionality with the ST. That would include motion alerts, real-time video and maybe even a way to record.

If you don’t mind, I have a few questions: How are you using it? What’s the setup/how is it integrated with ST? How are you powering the camera…PoE?

Thanks for your help, Tim

@thrash99er, I’m also curious about how you’re integrating your Foscam into ST. I’ve been looking, but I haven’t seen any apps that handle Foscam. Any info would be great!

FYI The Foscam integration is currently broke. The ST support team is aware of the problem and in the last developer conference mentioned they would try to get a fix into the next update.

I was told it was broken also, so is yours currently working?