UK Cameras

Looking to add a couple of cameras - one outdoors and one indoors. A bit wary of spending any more money on ST directly after the farce that has been the selling of a half baked consumer product - BUT have stuck with it despite of this as I think it might have a future once things are eventually sorted out
So, with that in mind…

What’s the latest state of camera support in the UK?

Is there any point trying to control the camera with ST when most camera come with their own software and portals?

In the same position. Until smarthtings gets their service actually working in the UK I’d caution any further investment that needs smarthtings integration. I’m finding that anything that claims compatibility with ST is generally for the US users and not UK users. I’m still waiting to integrate my harmony elite, a remote that was more expensive than ST, both claimed compatibility, until you tried to integrate. I have a faulty power outlet, I have Presence sensors that now simply don’t work since ST updated the platform. ST engineers “working round the clock” response from support is wearing thin now.

Well, that is what their presence sensors claim they are doing…

I’m thinking I might get something that might integrate at some point, but that will work standalone in the meantime. :frowning:

I’d like something like that. Had a Nest Cam, it was useless, have a Samsung SNH-E6411BN, and it stops working after about 3 hours use. So looking for something that will work on a local LAN and doesn’t look out of place. Might just have to go back to Foscam :frowning:

I think I’ve just come to that conclusion as well…the choice of integrated cameras for us UK-ers seems to be so limited, but actually, do you need an integrated camera…?? What functionality would you/could you integrate?! I’m about to embark on the home automation journey with a Smartthings hub tomorrow (need it for the imminent arrival of a Yale Keyfree lock), but will, I think, buy a camera that works well, and not worry about integrating it. Canary All in One looks good for example.

I’ve been using IFTTT and ManyThing for a few weeks now, been working flawlessly I’m pleased to say. Probably not suited for the outdoor camera you want but an easy way to save money if you’ve got a spare phone lying around

What I really want is one that is wall mountable, works on teh local LAN so no reliance on cloud based services. It is on the local LAN, I can then stream it to Smarttiles.