UK smartthings compatible power strip

(James Forrest) #1

I have a fish tank and want a 4/6 plug power strip that I can manage through smartthings.

I’ve googled until my eyes glaze over.
Is there any UK plug power straps that will work with smartthings please?

They exist in Europe and us.

(Mike) #2

i guess you need to control each plug individualy but if not one zwave or wifi plug at the wall with an extension plugged into that would work however i guess you need individual control

is there nothing on Vesternet ??

(James Forrest) #3

Yes Mike I’d like to control 4 or more sockets.
Ideally I want to use a button to turn on of off selected sockets when say feeding.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #4

The only one that I knew of was by GreenWave with 5 UK sockets. But it’s was troublesome and I think no longer sold.

I own one that now has one non working socket although I don’t believe that was the usual problem. It was a Z-Wave issue.

Vesternet did sell them , maybe they have some returns or old stock. They ‘mostly’ work although I’m not certain about with ST. Mine is linked to Fibaro.