Smart Power Socket (Wifi Wall / Retrofit Socket by BG Electrical)

Hi All,

I accidentally come across some new sockets being sold by Screwfix and thought they looked interesting, my first thought was… Mmmmmm I wonder if there is anyway they would integrate with Smartthings, not being overly optimistic I thought ok maybe something ill explore.

I looked at the comments on the Screwfix site and a Smartthings user was already aware of these as they have asked if anyone knew if they were compatible.

Anyhow, the misses clocked on to my interest and she (son) has brought me 2 for fathers day.

Ive already setup one and its nice a quick to respond to their app.

Here is a screen shot of the device info

It works with Alexa, Google and IFTTT.

The plugs actually look fairly nice, would of liked chrome but maybe that’s in the pipeline, for the price if somehow they could work with ST I would happily splash out on these by the masses.

So the question is, what’s the likelihood of getting a Wifi socket to work with SmartThings, surely its possible, I mean all the other platforms it works with are talking to this if not locally then via an API.

I have no coding experience or knowledge of APIs etc but I know for a fact there is several users on here who this would appeal too as we are all getting board and not hopefully of anything like this on the horizon that has Z-Wave capabilities for a reasonable price index,

I would honestly happily buy one of these for someone who thinks they could take a crack at ways to get these to work with SmartThings as my investment in ST has platooed for sometime now as the one thing I want is not there and thats PLUGS/SOCKETS (I honestly don’t like the adaptors) specially on kitchen worktops etc. So I’m at this crossroad where I either ditch ST entirely and go searching for something that is going to suit my needs to bring back that excitement of making a smart home.

So any feedback, thoughts, Ideas?


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@AutomateEverything @adamclark_dev @JDRoberts

I know we have these chats in the past about the lack of uk plugs on zwave and looking for alternatives etc.

If it works with IFTTT, you can just use that for SmartThings integration. That tends to work quite well for plugs. just set up a virtual switch as a proxy so you can see if it’s on or off in the smartthings app as well. :sunglasses:

As far as UK options, there are some new ones coming on the market. In particular, the Aurora AOne line looks interesting. Those are zigbee, so they have a direct integration with the smartthings hub.

The in wall outlet from their line isn’t in the official compatibility list yet, but there are some community members looking into it.


Thanks for the response, have you got a link to a guide on how to set up virtual switches?

Does the virtual switches update the status?

Im just hunting for these switches on IFTTT, it says it on the box, but can’t seem to find it on there.

Not checked the link for information but it, as you can see, directs to youtube.

I have spoken to Luceco PLC tech support today regarding the IFTTT integration.

Unfortunately, the IFTTT is only for Alexa and Google at this time.

The guy I spoke to, Mark, indicated that this product is only a few weeks into release and the mandate was to at least be Alexa/Google compatible at release date. The software team are working on the development constantly.

I expressed my gratitude that a company had finally brought an affordable product to the market that was not another plug-in wall socket. I did explain that the BGhome app works very well, the device pairs easily and each socket can be controlled independently or in pairs.

I did ask that he take on board my comment to develop the IFTTT to enable integration with more third party systems and I did name drop that I use Samsung Smarthings hub.

For the moment it is BGhome to control the device but I will update if I find further development news.


Hi Viktor,

Thanks for the reply and your R&D.

I may give them a call to, just to really air the same things, hopefully the more they receive of the same the more priority they give it.

I am however going to grill them a little more about IFTTT as their packaging clearly denotes the IFTTT symbol and their link with Alexa and Google has very little to do with IFTTT with trying to use the plug etc.

There is no way off calling that plug with another integration, so I can see a way of linking anything from Amazon Alexa to Smartthings in that particular direction. So something is a little fishy there.

I suspect they just have not got it ready yet. When that does happen the video you posted will be a good work around short term.

I have got a couple of these, but Im not going to go mad on them until I know what outlook is on some kinda of integration that allows for update of state.

I know @JDRoberts mentioned the Aurora AOne sockets which is really cool and look almost the same. The cost of these however are insane for what they are. Its a shame that they have an intent to sell them which such a greedy margin, if they were a more realistic price, they would sell themselves but I am just wasting my energy even floating the idea of it being a reasonable and honest price LOL.

Any how, going to keep a close eye on these BG Sockets and hope for the best.

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Afternoon gents, did you ever get anywhere with the IFTTT integration question?

As @CraigJohn mentioned the Screwfix site clearly labels them “IFTTT Compatible” and i nearly just purchased one for each outlet of my new house :rofl:

Luckily i googled the model with “smartthings” and found this thread.

Hey @Crowirl

When I emailed them they said its being worked on, they had some issues with it but they Say it will be available as soon as possible.

I strongly suggest giving them a call and asking them for a est date, the more people push the quicker they will hopefully react to this.

Also make some strong points about working with Smartthings LOL. I know there are a couple of others than have as well, hopefully if enough people show and interest but reserve their investment until they can give us some exciting news lol


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