RESOLVED: Can't add Ring Floodlight Cam Hardwired to Smartthings (Device type 'floodlight_v2' is not supported at this time)

I just RMA’d my Floodlight (Wired) and when attempting to re-authenticate Ring to Smartthings, I get the following

2:51:03 PM: debug [SM] uninstalled() - Successfully deleted event subscriptions.
2:51:03 PM: debug [SM] deleteUserSubscription() - response status code: 204
2:51:03 PM: trace [SM] Executing deleteUserSubscription()
2:51:03 PM: trace [SM] Executing ‘uninstalled()’
2:51:03 PM: trace [SM] Executing getSelectedDevices() with null
2:51:03 PM: debug [SM] getVendorDevices() - devices=[:Pool Camera]
2:51:03 PM: warn [SM] Device type ‘floodlight_v2’ is not supported at this time.
2:51:03 PM: info [SM] ringApiResponseTime=163
2:51:03 PM: trace [SM] Executing ‘ringApiGet()’
2:51:03 PM: trace [SM] Executing getVendorDevices()
2:51:03 PM: trace [SM] Executing authPage()
2:50:44 PM: trace [SM] Executing oauthSuccess()
2:50:44 PM: debug [SM] getVendorDevices() - devices=[:Pool Camera] NOTE: This is my stickup cam, that can add with no problem not the floodlight
2:50:44 PM: warn [SM] Device type ‘floodlight_v2’ is not supported at this time.
2:50:44 PM: info [SM] ringApiResponseTime=160
2:50:44 PM: trace [SM] Executing ‘ringApiGet()’
2:50:44 PM: trace [SM] Executing getVendorDevices()
2:50:44 PM: debug [SM] Access token received from Ring
2:50:44 PM: debug OAuth Token expires in 3600 will refresh in 3590 seconds
2:50:43 PM: trace [SM] Executing callback() for OAuth
2:50:14 PM: trace [SM] Executing oauthInitUrl()
2:50:13 PM: trace [SM] Executing authPage()

Any ideas? This setup was working in the past

The Ring floodlight is supported, idk if v1 or v2 makes a difference, but that is a question for support.

Right, I’ve just sent in an email, and I don’t know if my previous Floodlight was v1 or v2, but it appears the log above is the ST Hub reporting that v2 is not supported and not the Ring API saying that.

It was working previously with ST until I RMA’d it and put my new light on there. Hoping it’s just a variable that the ST team can change to accommodate v2

I know it’s confusing, but the “ring floodlight“ and the “ring floodlight cam“ are two different models. I believe only the camera model is supported.


To clarify, the device I own is the “Floodlight Cam” Hardwired.

It appears to be the same device that I had before the RMA (although I can’t be positive with the v1 vs v2)

Looking at some source code for some homebridge automation, it appears that there is both

floodlight_v1 = ‘floodlight_v1’,
floodlight_v2 = ‘floodlight_v2’

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Also, just wanted to state that the new Floodlight Cam is working just fine in the Ring ecosystem - connects to my Ring app, can view video, alerts, etc. Working 100% as it should, it just won’t connect to ST (which I need for some lighting automation on motion detection)

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So far support has been less than helpful via email. I sent the logs and screenshots, and they’re just asking me to reinstall the app. Better support if I call?

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Hi Dominic, welcome to forum… here is my experience with reaching out to support…

I bought the brand new Door View Cam by Ring, smaller door bell form factor that installs in middle of door replacing the peephole.

Works great, but Ring connect doesn’t recognize it as a supported ST compatible device!

Back & forth with ST support for Over 3 days now… here is a screen shot of the final convo:

Let us know what they come back with, i’d Like to see what your resolution would be. In the meantime you can visit a thread that I created as kindly posted below:

This thread is about the floodlight cam hardwired.

The doorview cam is being discussed in a different thread:

New Ring Product (Door View), Device handler?

first rule of home automation: the model number matters.

Any idea how to get the specific model number?

I don’t see it on the camera itself, of course I threw the box away when receiving my RMA because from the looks of it, it was the same exact thing, can’t find anything in the Ring app (not even a firmware number just ‘Up to Date’) and the only information I get from my Smartthings hub about it is the ‘floodlight_v2’

So I was able to jump into the Ring API and get some data. A ‘model number’ is not available, the only relevant information is:

  u'description': u'Front Camera',
  u'ring_cam_setup_flow': u'floodlight',
  u'kind': u'floodlight_v2',

Your model identifier is just “floodlight Cam V2,” which I suspect is hardwired, with battery operated being V1, although I’m not sure on that.

Manufacturers can use whatever they want as the model identifier, including just a name.

My post above was in response to someone who has a “Ring Doorview Cam.” That’s a different model than the one being discussed in this thread.

In particular, the Doorview is not yet on the official “Works with SmartThings” list, so that’s a different kind of issue. :sunglasses:

I’m still unable to add my Ring Floodlight Camera to Smartthings. Can anyone confirm they’ve been able to add one recently?

Alternatively, can someone with a Ring Floodlight Camera currently attached to their hub post a screen shot of the “Data” and “Current States” from the IDE?

I may be wrong, but I believe @bighoss has these.

Just to put everyone’s mind at ease, there is a V2 harwdare revision of the Floodlight Cam Wired, it’s not picked up by SmartThings for me either but yes, there’s V2 hardware, it’s not a case of battery vs wired or anything.


That’s good to know. Hopefully the right people at SmartThings are looking into it because I can’t seem to get past L1 Support.

Of course it would have been nice to know this before I did my RMA and all my lighting automation broke :unamused: and would definitely be nice if support (SmartThings OR Ring) knew about this issue instead of just continuously asking me to clear cache :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the input. I’m no software engineer, but here’s to hoping someone, somewhere, can add a line of code that says “floodlight_v2” that will get us up and running :beers:


I can tell you for sure:


I can not speak at ALL for the new ST app, as I do everything in ST Classic App.

Going through the classic app anyway, Ring devices don’t integrate directly with SmartThings, they work within the ring cloud / app, and provide via the ring API and hook for other apps to tie to. So you are connecting to a data stream from an app, not pairing a device. The differences may seem minor, but they are there.

The instructions for adding and connecting the smartapp are at click the link for SmartThings Classic App. The new app instructions I have had nothing but miserable failure with…

The issue of V1 and V2 Ring hardware may explain some of the misery I have had trying to get my stuff working directly with the new app.

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A friend of mine heard from support that they are now aware of the V2 issue with this specific model and smartthings engineering is talking to ring engineering about it. No timeline on when it would be fixed, though. Apparently there’s more to it than just adding the model ID.

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