Ring battery door bell pro and SmartThings?

I already had a ring doorbell 2 set up in smartthings. I recently purchased a battery spotlight pro and ring battery doorbell pro. The spotlight was added automatically to smarttings but the new doorbell was not. How can I add it to smarttings?

The Ring->ST cloud to cloud integration is maintained by Ring. It is up to them to add support to the integration in order for it to work with ST.

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This is why I hate integration like this. Companies just point the finger at the other. This was Ring’s response: Hi @user323. Samsung SmartThings is not an officially supported integration with Ring. There may be limited functionality with SmartThings. Since we do not officially support these integrations, we cannot troubleshoot them. In this case, I recommend contacting Samsung SmartThings support for assistance with adding your Doorbell.

The ST dev staff on this forum has stated many times that cloud->cloud integrations are the responsibility of the vendor of the devices. If Ring is saying that it’s unsupported, then perhaps they have simply abandoned further development. @nayelyz I presume there is nothing that can be done from the ST side of the house?


Hi, @RichieC. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!
Could you provide the model number of the device that doesn’t appear, please?
This can be found on the model information sticker affixed to the device.
We can check if it’s currently supported or not.

The only numbers I see are with the QR code and they are 79840. It’s the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro.

Hi, @RichieC
Did you try to check the device’s package instead or another element that could have information about the device? The team mentioned that model number is necessary to know which specific device it is, even when we look for the device online, many results come up.

Ring uses product names, not model IDs. And they sometimes change them, which is annoying. But the one for this particular device is “Ring Battery Doorbell Pro.” That’s all it will say on the box or in the user manual.

The FCC ID is BHARG091, but I don’t think that’s used anywhere else.

That is in contrast to the “ring battery doorbell plus“ which is a different model.

From the beginning, the Ring/SmartThings integration has only included some models, and it has been quite challenging to figure out exactly which ones. It has been common for battery powered models to be left out, I’m not sure why. :thinking:

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It is not listed as part of the current integration.

It would appear that as of the date of this posting the wired ring doorbell Pro or the battery ring doorbell plus will work with SmartThings, but not the ring battery doorbell Pro. :man_shrugging:t2:

I own a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, & Samsung 50” Crystal UHD TV. I recently purchased a Ring Doorbell Pro that I would like to add to my TV. I have been trying for 3 days to get Smart Things to recognize the Ring Doorbell device. It recognizes the Ring Service, but shows no device connected. The doorbell has been operating as expected. Any settings I should be making or additional steps I should be taking to get Smart Things to recognize & add my device? Thank you.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I have moved your post to the existing discussion thread on this topic. Unfortunately, right now that specific model does not appear to be part of the integration. Read the posts above for more details.

Now that’s really frustrating! Brand new doorbell out of the box for over $200 and it’s not compatible with smart things! Guess it’s going back! Thanks for the heads up!

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