In wall outlet compatible with smarthings hub 2 and google assistant- US

I live in the US and I am looking for smart in wall outlet that I can control using my ST 2 and Google assistant.

Thank you

Jasco makes some z-wave and zigbee models. But only one outlet is controllable.

There’s also the TP Link Kasa KP200, which integrates with SmartThings via a cloud to cloud integration. Both outlets on it are controllable.


The Kasa is the wifi outlet correct? it says no hub required so I dont think ST can control it right?

Are you trying to find a device that will connect to ST and through ST to Google Assistant? Or one that will connect simultaneously to Google Assistant and to ST?

It is wifi, no hub required and does work with SmartThings

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SmartThings can control It through a cloud to cloud integration, so it will only work when the Internet is available.

Some of the Z wave and zigbee devices can be set up for local control, although it’s important to note that local control does not include doing anything in the app or anything with a voice assistant, so it probably doesn’t make that much difference in your case. But some automations, particularly those that are time-based, might be able to run for the local devices where they would not run for the cloud devices unless the Internet was working.

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